About Sasquatch Supply Co.

Lets set the scene. Think Moonrise Kingdom but not as much manufactured coolness. Dad wearing socks and sandals asking me to pull his finger in between woodworking lessons. Mom coating me in sun screen and bug spray creating a chemical barrier between me and any creature who could do me harm. Except for one. Bigfoot.

I spent the summer nights on the other end of the Sasqautch’s stare with a shaky flash light never creeping out of earshot into the swampy woods south Louisiana.

Now things are more sophisticated. More complicated. Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, there all gone. But one creature still lurks in my mind. In the woods. Can I prove it? No. But is that the point? No. Life isn’t black and white. Have a friggin imagination.

Find a mystery and hunt for answers. Believe in something. Feel something. And for those who choose to join me in this journey. I’ll keep you supplied…

About Stephen

Growing up in Louisiana with a father who was a jack of all trades, Stephen Verret began learning his way around a wood and mechanic shop at an early age. Interested in crafting with his hands and Sasquatch Supply Co. was created to do just that.

Stephen Verret